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Branded content that actually works, Volvo shows how.

Volvo in collaboration with Sky Atlantic have been rolling out a series of short films centered around Volvo’s core philosophy – “To always put people first”.

Three films were initially premiered in September 2016 on Sky Atlantic. The films are each themed around individuals who align with Volvo’s brand values and innovations. One of the films features Josefin Arrhénborg and Maria Rindstam who are Swedish entrepreneurs that salvage and recycle abandoned boats in the Stockholm archipelago to reduce negative environmental impact. Volvo too is committed to preserving the environment with 85% recyclable cars and a goal to have at least 25% of plastic in Volvo cars to be made from recycled materials by 2025.

Volvo - Commercial Branded Content
Volvo – Commercial Branded Content

Volvo along with their creative agency, Grey London and Pulse Films’ directing duo D.A.R.Y.L created beautiful, engaging and cinematic stories, showcasing the luxurious 90 range of Volvo vehicles.

A mix of commercial and social content

In an innovative rollout and look at branded content, the full length films were available as on-demand-content for 12 months from launch. This was complemented with 24 idents that ran on Sky Atlantic as well as social and digital platforms. This was the first time that commercial branded content had been distributed on traditional television as well as OnDemand platforms. The launch films were downloaded 600 000 times. With 16 000 people viewing the premier. 15 second idents were used to promote the films, generating 1.6m Twitter Amplify impressions.

This has proven to be a success for the brand and research has found that audiences exposed to the films made faster associations between the brand and attributes including ‘modern’ ‘attractive’ and ‘aspirational’ which in-turn lead to people saying that they’d be more likely to purchase a Volvo car. Volvo’s market share has increased 5%, with the 90 series of cars selling well since the launch of the films.

Volvo Branded Content
Volvo Branded Content

This series has really excited us here at Contra Agency. It is a slick amalgamation that feels more like a documentary than it does traditional branded content. We’re really passionate about telling engaging stories. It’s encouraging to see that more brands are realising the value and potential in doing this.

Brand Ethos through Human Interest

Aligning a customer base with your brand ethos is no easy task, however associating a brand with relevant human interest stories is an excellent tool to showcase what the brand has to offer. Indeed more importantly how the brand is relatable in this modern, ever changing world. With so many platforms and opportunities available for content consumption, good engaging content is key. It needs to cut through the clutter. Volvo has executed this perfectly.

The full series of films can be found here. The most recent addition “The Unseen Ocean” launched on October 11th.

Volvo Branded Content
Ben Kaufman - Creative Producer by Ben Kaufman, Creative Producer
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