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This time last year Canon made what was for me one of the most exciting announcements ever – the release of the Canon C300. I actually stayed awake like a complete geek watching the blog posts roll out ALL NIGHT as the camera was announced.

I get excited about this kinda thing. Everyone has something that they lose sleep over and for me this is just one of those things! Which is great because it’s my job. I get to play with the Canon C300 almost everyday and get paid for it!

So… why? Why do I get so excited about cameras? Is this little toy really all it’s cracked up to be and has it really made that much difference? Well… yes and no.

The last year or so has seen Contrapositive produce some of the nicest films I think we’ve ever made. But is any of that down to the use of a particular camera? When we were using the 5D everyone would comment on how lovely the films looked but were they really any good? Now that we’ve seen what the C300 is capable of is it really making any difference to our films?

Well… yes and no.

Delivering the best deliverables deliverable…

The truth is that one of the biggest reasons our films have been getting better and better is far more down to the awesome team that we have in the office. I mean, we’ve always been blessed with great staff but at the moment I couldn’t be more proud of the team that we have working their socks off simply to produce the best films that they can!

What I love most about using the C300 over any other piece of camera equipment is that I don’t need to worry about it. It doesn’t get in the way of good storytelling and it is versatile enough that I can take it to scorching hot deserts, dusty African villages or wherever it is I’ll be called to next… even Bromley… and I don’t need to worry about the footage looking great. It doesn’t get in the way.

And it’s so versatile. We’ve just finished filming a corporate film for Cass business school and the footage looks stunning! Director Jamie Quantril has shot some stunning sun rises over london (well, I’m not gonna get up at that time in the morning… not when I can pay someone else to do it… ) and I can’t wait to finish the film.

We’ve shot some beautiful pieces to camera for Cambridge University using just about every light I own and we’re embedding loads of graphics all around these guys and it just looks so lovely!

Then there’s the work we’re doing for Compassion UK. I’ve just spent 5 days in Uganda following a group of church leaders discovering the true meaning of poverty. I didn’t want to be worrying about the camera kit while filming this. I just wanted to film these guys on their emotional journey. Oh, and by the way, the footage looks stunning.

It just works for me. I like it because everything that comes out of the camera looks great. I can be creative and playful when I need to or just get on with following powerful stories when I need to.

No doubt soon enough someone will announce another, even better camera that I will stay up all night getting stupidly excited about and no doubt our films will look even better than they do now but for the moment let the good times roll!

Producing the best productions productab… prod… er, producable.

So to answer my original question – does it really make a difference? Well, on the one hand yes our films do look better than ever and that makes me happy.

But I guess in reality – no. What makes the biggest difference, and what will always matter most, is our crew. They are the brains behind what we do and I couldn’t be more proud.

I’m sure they have something that they get excited about too and if we’re really lucky they might write about it here on the blog posts!

John Ford - Head of Film by John Ford, Head of Film
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