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Contra has been working with brands for over 19 years.

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Everything we make comes from a good place. We make expertly-crafted films that aren’t just visually stunning, they’re films with heart, films that provoke human, emotional responses from audiences.

Creating content is one thing, but creating content that can resonate with an audience is another thing altogether. We understand the importance of making content that urges multiple views, comments, shares and likes. We want our films to live long in the memory of your target audience and make lasting impressions. In a time when audiences are exposed to so much content, we know what it takes to make films that stand out are noticed and entice audiences to want to find out more.

We are also big on innovation and being forward thinking. We spot trends early and make sure that our work is always fresh, creative and stands out. We’re trendsetters, not followers. We’re not afraid to be bold, brave and confident.

Image of Connect with Customers

Connect with Customers

Our films are all about evoking a real, emotional response from audiences through great storytelling. We want them to feel something and take action. We make content that makes people talk, content that’s honest, authentic and true to your brand values.

We are versatile, understanding and care about you and what you’re trying to achieve. This means that no matter how early you are in the creative process, we’ll work with you to make the right film to communicate to the widest audience possible.

Image of The Right Team for Your Project

The Right Team for Your Project

Video is proven to increase conversation rates and increase customer engagement. It is a great addition to any web presence – social channels, landing page and product pages. We can tailor the perfect team to your project whether it’s a low-budget art film to large scale action set piece.

On top of this, our highly talented team know how to get the most out of your budget. We are a full service video production company, with a complete in-house team. This means we are fast, reliable and always looking for ways to create the most efficient workflow and maximise the effectiveness of your whole project. We have a number of awards to prove it! Our crew has combined credits for broadcasters including BBC, Channel 4, Sky and National Geographic.

Image of The Perfect Platform

The Perfect Platform

Audiences are changing and we are an agency that understands this change. We’re nimble and quick to react to this change to meet their needs. This is the main thrust behind why we create content that works across many platforms including mobile, web and TV.

We know that good branded content now goes beyond just filmmaking. We’ve won awards for our innovation in content creation that has led to us working with global brands including Honda, BBC, Save the Children, World Vision, Jaguar Land Rover, Rolls Royce, QPR, Visa and The University of Cambridge. We’d love to add your brand to this list. Be it for a one off masterpiece or a campaign that breaks boundaries, we’re certain we can help your brand take that next step in communicating with your target audience.

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