H is for HTML5 Wil Colquhoun - Motion Graphic Designer by Wil Colquhoun, Motion Graphic Designer

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What the HTML?

HTML is a markup based language that is used to create websites. Web browsers “render” HTML code into pretty web pages (like this one). HTML5, believe it or not, is version 5 of the HTML spec. What is so great about version 5? The cool thing about HTML5 is that it has bits in it that allow browsers to natively do things that previously required extra plugins (the main one being Flash). If you didn’t have the plugin, you couldn’t view the content. With HTML5 your browser can do it all by itself.

Why is this important? The main reason is that mobile and tablet browsers don’t allow plugins, so pages that rely on a plugin like Flash, won’t work on a mobile. HTML5 means content will work on any modern browser. Desktop browsers are also moving away from plugins, with Chrome pausing Flash based adverts and Firefox blocking Flash entirely.

You need to make sure that your content can be easily accessed across every available platform. If you want your audience to see something, you need to make sure that they can access it quickly and that it keeps them fully engaged. This means that we need to use HTML5 to replicate what used to be done in Flash – animation, rich interactivity, banner adverts and video players.


HTML5 Video – breaking the mould

Thanks to the power of HTML5 videos don’t need to be trapped in video players and so film can become a fully integrated part of a website look and feel. Contra recenly produced a series of video banners for student.com which sit behind the main search box at the top of the home page. These films bring the brand to life without requiring the user to “watch” a film.


Cross platform rich content is vital and HTML5 gives you the power to do this in style. It keeps all the interactive functions of old school Flash but ensures your content works smoothly across all available platforms. Press play below to reveal each platform:

[edge_animation id=”4″]

Contra’s motion designers can produce HTML5 based animations, and because our team are real animators, the result is far superior to something a web designer would do. On the flip side as we have a digital team too, we can produce highly interactive and complex pieces, outstripping what a traditional video production would be capable of.

So, if you need a rich fancy banner ad, a beautiful animation for your site, a game or a piece of background film to bring your brand to life, give us a call.

Wil Colquhoun - Motion Graphic Designer by Wil Colquhoun, Motion Graphic Designer
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