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Over the last 17 years Contra have developed a pretty broad video portfolio, making films for more kinds of client than we can list. However, the large majority of our commissions have been to enhance, create and occasionally rehabilitate the media campaigns of universities and colleges across the country.

This is nothing to be sniffed at! It’s given us the opportunity to film with some of the world’s greatest minds (including Sir David Attenborough), capture malaria eradicating mosquitoes at 2,500 frames a second, as well as win international awards for things like post-production and cinematography.

The maturation of lacklustre, handycam-esque higher education content into intelligent, effective, marketable campaigns is changing the way that colleges and universities are able to target potential students. Not to mention, it’s giving curious applicants at home and abroad a tangible opportunity to see what life might be like for them at [insert your University or College’s name here].

In short, if you are not seriously considering your video output then you are running the risk of not just alienating, but entirely missing a growing demographic of students who make many of their judgements based on what they see on the screen of their laptop or mobile device.

The University of Cambridge first approached Contra almost 5 years ago. Their Admission Office was one of the first in the country to really understand the power of video marketing. Since that first meeting we have made over 100 videos for Cambridge, ranging from those that promote subjectsbust myths,endorse academics or simply prepare applicants for that looming interview date.

What Cambridge understood was that just like with a product or brand, video content provides an opportunity to affect an audience’s opinion in a truly meaningful way. And just like when you look at the facade of a shop window, the aesthetic, arrangement and subjective relevance of that content helps you to decide whether you want to walk through the door and find out more.

Since then, more and more educational institutions have approached us to create similar content. From the likes of Imperial University London, to Bromley College, Cass Business School and City University London.

But let’s be clear, there isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ solution to video content. Contra (or any video production company) can’t create you an all-encompassing video that will appeal to every demographic.

What we can do is, learn about your offering, understand your target audience, keep in mind your brand, and develop tailored concepts that are in-line with your ethos. With your help we can work together to win awards, promote great minds and innovate fresh content that speaks to a demographic that doesn’t just want, but craves video content.

So, if you are looking for a team that can make you a film to really set you apart from the competition, or even if you just want to explore what a film could do for you, with a team of expert filmmakers, get in touch with Contra!

John Ford - Head of Film by John Ford, Head of Film
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