Shooting across Brazil for new BBC documentary series.

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Branded Content Video Production for BBC Global News

BBC Global News recently partnered with Apex, a Brazilian trade and investment promotion agency, to promote the country as a pioneering destination for entrepreneurial talent. As part of the wider campaign, BBC required a branded content documentary series telling four stories about key individuals making an impact in four specific industries: gastronomy, agriculture, energy and cosmetics.

A flexible approach to international filming

As far as possible we were flexible with the shooting schedules, permitting our contributors to dictate the scenes by asking them what their daily routines actually looked like. This allowed us to avoid any scenarios where our contributor felt out of place or as if they were being asked to do something unnatural. The result of this approach was a whole load of b-roll footage that felt as natural as the spoken content: unrehearsed, spontaneous and genuine.

Building authenticity for a branded content documentary series

When it comes to branded content, authenticity is key. The moment a viewer feels like they are being sold to or told to think a certain way, the campaign loses its potency. For this reason, we wanted the viewer to feel the spontaneity of every moment. By watching the film, they are invited to experience a brief moment of the reality of these people’s day to day rather than an over-produced and setup version of their lives.

Creating the look & feel

We crafted an immediate and spontaneous feel for this series by shooting handheld and always keeping the camera moving. Our director was able to get close to our contributors using a wide 24mm lens, creating a look that feels intimate whilst also taking in the surrounding environment. The scenery was important to our client because we were shooting in some absolutely stunning environments that will almost certainly encourage viewers to want to explore for themselves.

Making the most of our client’s footage

Our initial delivery for this project was 4 x 3-4 minute short documentaries and 1 x 30 second cut for TVC broadcast on BBC Worldwide. The TVC cutdown performed so well on socials that our client commissioned additional edits for the remaining three films. The films have now also been translated into four languages and are currently playing all over the client’s key target areas in Europe.



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