Contra Showreel 2019

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Contra Showreel 2019

Creating our showreel gives us the opportunity to look back and see the results of our hard work over the recent months. It’s been a busy time at Contra, filled with a huge range of exciting projects. But when you’re constantly focussed on making the film you’re currently immersed in the best it can be, it’s not always easy to step back and appreciate everything else you’ve achieved. Seeing all our efforts condensed into ninety seconds in our latest reel makes me realise two things:

The first is variety. Variety in stories, in brands, in distribution, in length, in location. We’ve filmed in all four corners of the globe this year. Our reel contains shots captured in Kenya, Brazil, Japan, the USA and plenty of European countries to boot, and our crews have been able to witness some incredible sights. We’ve made 30 second commercials, long-form documentaries and everything in between. Our films can be seen in the cinema, on television, on websites and social media. To be able to work on such a broad range of projects has been a privilege, and means no two days in the Contra studio are the same!

The second thing our reel shouts is consistency. Despite the diversity, our commitment to telling captivating stories in a beautiful way always shines through. It doesn’t matter whether we’re in our studio or the plains of the Maasai Mara, in a corporate office or in a boat on the Amazon; we’ll tell your story in the most engaging way we can. So if you can spare ninety seconds (and if you’ve gotten this far down this blog post then I’m certain you can) watch and enjoy our showreel, and if you feel we can help you tell your next story, don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Will Hammond, Head of Post Production Contra Film

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