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#HerImperial – Female Recruitment by the Creative Production Company, Contra!

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Imperial College London chose our highly creative production company for their recent recruitment campaign.


In the UK today around 86% of undergraduate students in Engineering & Technology are men. Imperial College London is working hard to attract young women with an interest in STEM subjects. Imperial wants to inspire women to follow their passion at degree level. Contra teamed up with Imperial. Together we developed another short film campaign to run on the university’s website and social channels. Inspiring young women is the big challenge here. We wanted to do this by celebrating the work being done by women in these fields of study.

First of all, Contra chose to shoot with three women at varying stages of their academic journey. We wanted to avoid a patronising approach such as: look what these guys are doing – you could do this too. So instead of making a big deal out of the fact that not many women are working in STEM degrees, we decided it would be far more compelling and inspiring to follow three young woman out in the field getting stuck in with their work on a day to day basis. The key message is: it’s completely normal for young women to be doing these subjects so if you’ve got the passion, get involved!

Furthermore, we chose the music track ‘Salute’ by Little Mix to grab the attention of our young female target audience. The band and their record label (Universal Music) have thrown their support behind this worthwhile cause.

Making the most of our client’s footage.

During the shoot we decided to make the most of our client’s footage by recording audio-only interviews. This has allowed us to also create a suite of short documentaries about each woman featured in the main film.

As a result, Imperial now have a hero film and a suite of short documentaries. They will inspire the next generation of female STEM students by showing a young girl with an interest in one of these subjects that success is absolutely within her reach.

We impressed our client!

‘Hands down the best HE video I’ve ever seen. By some distance. Incredible work all round.’

  • Jon Ashton, Marketing Executive, Imperial College London

So if you’re looking for a highly creative production company for your next recruitment campaign, please do get in touch! We’d love to hear from you!

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