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Promotional Video Production for a High End Travel Brand

The Thinking Traveller is a high end travel brand renting luxury villas all over the world. They required a video marketing campaign that would effectively promote the heritage and quality of their product. It was important that the film(s) encapsulated a variety of experiences and that the production value reflected the high-end nature of the product on offer.

A considered approach to travel video production

Contra knew that this campaign needed to convey multiple key messages and to appeal to a wide variety of different target markets. Our first suggestion was to split the two key selling points of ‘heritage’ and ‘product’ into two seperate films. We proposed a short documentary to tell the brand story and then a series of shorter promotional films to sell the key proposition.

For the documentary piece, we recorded an audio only interview with the two founders of the brand. This gave us the material we needed to build an honest, authentic and appealing picture of the brand’s history and identity in order to build trust between the brand and their customers.

For the product focussed films, we knew that our client’s customers decide to take a break for different reasons. In response to this, we proposed a ‘Hero’ promotional film that could encapsulate a variety of different villa experiences and then a series of shorter thematic cut-downs that would focus on a specific age group or lifestyle. In doing so, our client would then be able to effectively target certain audiences on social media with a short film that is personally relevant to them.

Stunning Authenticity: How We Achieved the Look and Feel

It was essential that the various experiences represented within this series of films felt authentic and real. We wanted to ensure that the viewer could buy into the narrative and want to have that same ‘moment’ for themselves. For this reason, we decided to create a cinematic documentary look in camera to ensure that the moments we were witnessing never felt too staged or ‘performed’.

Sticking the RED Dragon on the Easyrig allowed our DP to achieve a spontaneous and natural movement in camera. We wanted to achieve a sense of aspiration by placing the viewer in the middle of these scenarios with these characters. Using a set of stunning Sigma Prime lenses gives the film its polished, commercial look.

Creating effective video content for Social Media

Our projects always start with a key question: where are these films going to end up and who is going to be watching them? Knowing the answers to these questions allows us to develop a creative approach that will lead to the most effective video marketing campaign.

For The Thinking Traveller, social media was going to play a huge role in this marketing campaign. Our creative approach allowed us to create one main film of 60 seconds and then a variety of 30 second and 15 second cutdowns for Facebook and Instagram. We shot the main films with a 1:1 ‘square’ guide in camera to ensure that once cropped, the image would still tell the right story in a beautiful fashion.

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