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‘The cure for this disease is a culture of strong and positive relationships that encourage confidence and security.’ Patrick Regan OBE Executive President of XLP

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XLP required a short film that would help raise financial support for the work they are doing to tackle knife crime. The film was shown at an XLP event, ‘Tackling Britain’s Knife Crime’, and hosted on the XLP website and online platforms.

‘The cure for this disease is a culture of strong and positive relationships that encourage confidence and security.’

‘A hopeful person doesn’t join a gang […] To see significant change […] we need to be committed to the long haul, which means investing in relationships with young people.’

Patrick Regan OBE Executive President XLP

Our film not only highlights the ‘disease’ that is knife crime but also offers up a realistic and effective solution from XLP: building strong and positive relationships with young people.

We developed a script that does both of these things: the visuals leading the viewer to consider the frightening violence and horrific consequences of knife crime. Simultaneously, a scripted voiceover brought to life the advice, support, and hope that can be given to a young person by a professional mentor.

The role of a mentor is critical which is why we have placed the XLP mentor at the centre of the narrative as a committed voice of hope and reason.

The viewer will witness exactly where their money is going… into people who never give up, people who refuse to accept that this ‘disease’ has infected a ‘lost generation’.

It is our belief that an emotional response to this film will lead to action: financial donations towards the current and crucial work of XLP.

In XLP’s own words:

National headlines have been filled with an alarming rise in tragic stabbings and shootings of young people across London. The media spotlight will move on, but it’s absolutely crucial at times like these to ensure that we take a long term approach and we all try to understand the root causes of the violence: fear, isolation and anger.

We know that giving young people something to lose, building long term relationships and offering positive alternatives, works. That’s the message we’ve been sharing in the media, on ITV News at 10, 17 different BBC Radio stations, the Wall Street Journal, the Telegraph, and a variety of other news outlets. It’s a view best summed up by Shania, a young person XLP has been working with, who spoke last night on BBC Radio London:

‘For me it was XLP that made me realise that [I was going down the wrong path], my grades were dropping, I was getting in trouble at school a lot… they showed me a different side to life and that there are other opportunities for young people. And that’s what XLP is based around, showing young people there are other opportunities rather than being on the streets, doing bad things, resorting to violence.’

Mentoring is a key part of the solution, and if there are avenues you could help us explore to release funding for this vital work, we’d love to get together. Please email my Executive Assistant Lorna: lorna.dobbie@xlp.org.uk

Patrick Regan OBE Executive President
Richard Furze Chief Executive


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