Honda X-ADV Suite – Branded Content Production

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Branded Content video production for Honda

Honda X-ADV Suite – Branded Content Production

DigitasLBi come to Contra to film six short branded content films. The aim was to celebrate the collaboration between Honda and a selection of talented artists from across Europe. So, Contra produced a stunning suite of craft films to celebrate the release of the new Honda X-ADV bike.

Honda and agency partner DigitasLBi approached London based branded content video production company Contra Agency with the aim of creating a suite of films that celebrated the release of the new Honda X-ADV, a new motorbike that allows riders to ride through cities as well as out into nature.

Honda wanted the artists to show what the concept of X-ADV means to them in their chosen medium. As such, Contra created six visually impressive films that match the style and nature of the new Honda X-ADV. With artists arriving from all over Europe, Contra met with and discussed the unique nature of each art piece. After this, we were able to go away and film six films that feel completely influenced by both the nature of the artist and the unique concept of the Honda X-ADV.

It was a great, rigorous two-day shoot! Contra were able to produce a collection of beautiful short films that truly showcase the work of both the Honda designers and the six great artists. Finally, the films absolutely thrilled Honda, DigitasLBi and the artists themselves! Ultimately they will be rolled out across website, social and Youtube platforms.