Creative Video Production for Honda


Video Production for Honda

Tour #2: Uniforms

Contra was tasked with showing the beauty and impact of Honda’s stunning production line. So the video production team began work on a new suite of films. Theses would offer a special behind-the-scenes look at one of Honda’s largest manufacturing hubs. We created stunning visuals through POV cameras and our  Red camera. We also gave it a pumping soundtrack and smart sound-design! As a result Honda: Uniforms is a fast-paced film that demonstrates Honda’s commitment to precision and detail.

Creative Video Production for Honda

Honda and agency partner DigitasLBi approached London based video production company Contra to create an exciting new suite of films. The aim was to showcase their commitment to precision and detail throughout the production line. They wanted a suite of films that would impress an audience with stunning visuals, a smart script and real attention to the small things that make Honda tick. As a result, Contra suggested shooting two films, one using POV cameras and the other using a drone-mounted Red Dragon 6k. This technique would showcase the lifespan of their uniforms and a tour of their facilities from the POV of a worker bee!

After a rigorous two-day shoot, Contra were able to produce two thirty-second films with real WOW factor. The first film follows the life-span of a Honda worker’s uniform, from out on the production line through the cleaning process and back to the Honda hub for another busy day at work. ‘Honda: Uniforms is a fast-paced, energetic ride’. The final films delighted Honda and creative partners DigitasLBi. As such, they quickly commissioned Contra’s video production team to create a new suite of six films. Check them out here.

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