The Red ‘Hydrogen’ From Big Screen Cameras to Small Screen smartphones John Ford - Head of Film by John Ford, Head of Film

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The new Red Hydrogen Smartphone – future ‘weapon’ of choice? or ‘epic’ fail??

Red has announced it will enter the crowded mobile phone market with their new Red Hydrogen smartphone. First up – you all know I’m a Red Dragon fan boy. We bought Red a few years back for use on pretty much all our video content from our low budget charity films through to our major brand videos and it’s paid off. We still need decide if/when we might upgrade to the Weapon

But I was left a little ‘Eh???’ by their new announcement. They’re making phones. Really…? At first this seems nuts. If I want a phone I would normally have gone for a company that specialize in making phones. When looking to buy a major piece of high end camera kit, I’d go to the guys who make some of the best kit on the planet.

But a phone by Red? It’s been described as the ‘WTF’ product of the year! Here it is, the ‘Hydrogen‘.

So what do we know about this phone so far? It’s got some kinda funky 5.7″ 3d/holographic display. It looks like a bit of Red camera kit. It’s expensive! $1195 for the Aluminium version and $1595 if you need a Titanium phone. I don’t think I do… However, I’d be curious to know how strong the screen is! Especially having damaged a couple of Red screens recently!!

It’s modular. This is where it gets interesting. If it really does have a seamless connection to the Red infrastructure and offers a very useful control then I could see that being an advantage. In terms of Red modules, this starts to look cheap for a monitor and controller. But I do already have bit’s of kit that do that so is this just another element?

Could it prove a useful tool for logging footage on the go? Perhaps they are taking a leaf out of LG with serious cameras to be connected – I mean, like… connect an 8k weapon to the phone. The ultimate phone camera… ?! Some might suggest modular phones are dead, while others are shelving their modular phone plans

Will the Red Hydrogen Smartphone deliver on it’s promises??

Red claims it is the foundation of a future multi-dimensional media system. They do like to make big sweeping claims – remember when the Red One promised to “make obsolescence obsolete” or “$3k for 3k”???

Anyway, despite their cameras having occasional quirks and there being a number of issues with their customer care, I am a Red fanboy. The cameras give me images I love. Perhaps they have created a phone that I will love too…

John Ford - Head of Film by John Ford, Head of Film
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